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This Article is authored by Advocate Anil Malhotra.

City based physiotherapist Gaurav Sharma again hits it big. His musculoskeletal sports therapy expertise made players fighting fit to steer Gujarat Titans as IPL Trophy winners 2022. Winning accolades, Gaurav is now Head physiotherapist for the New York Strikers team led by Ace-Cricketer Kirron Polard venturing into the Abu Dhabi T-10 league scheduled in Dubai in November 2022. Talisman Gaurav will make them strike rich with his Midas touch.

An innovative, ingenious, skilled and professional healer, Gaurav is a marvel with manual therapy. Aching joints sprained biceps, triceps, quadriceps and calf or thigh muscles are all in his domain. His touch and treatment heal them to release them in the field fully energized and charged for a premium performance of his team under training. Gaurav has acquired this expertise with decade old experience of successfully treating numerous patients with spinal injuries and muscular disorders.

Buoyed over his current assignment, Gaurav is on cloud nine. It is a matter of national pride that by his immense hard work, dedication with utmost zeal and commitment with responsibility, Dr. Gaurav goes beyond the call of duty. His humble beginnings from Baddi were no bar to foray in a highly dominated zone where super specialized treatment, a rarity, led him to own Sterling Sports and Spine Physiotherapy Centre at Chandigarh since 2015.

Besides, treating top Indian cricketers and Golfers, Gaurav is a panacea to the pains and aches of the elderly, computer glued professionals, overburdened Doctors and Surgeons, who all need to loosen and relax their over worked muscles. Transgressing in a treatment zone dominated by ultrasound, traction and thermal treatment, Dr. Gaurav delves into stiff muscles with his mystic hands and goes into a trance. His unique line of action, is treatment par excellence.

In a mechanized society today, weary bodies with chocked stress, strain, fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety, find succor in pills, bottles and syringes of different names and dimensions defining human imagination. They are neither the medication nor the treatment. The cure is in physiotherapy, except when surgical solutions are answers. In this phase and age, finding time to treat your body with physiotherapy is what Dr. Gaurav offers. He has prospered with the Blessings of his innumerable cured patients who are his wealth. Fiscal gain is not his game. Treating and curing patients is his fame.


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